READING RETIREMENT CENTRE    (registered charity No. 281830)


(Friends in retirement taking relaxation, exercise and education)

October 2019                  Firtree newsletter                       Issue 486

Thank you to all of you who have sympathised, empathised and had a giggle. That’ll bring him down a step or two. How right they were. If anyone wants to know where the coccyx is, that is where my backside made sudden contact with about four or five stairs. Just to rub salt into the wound we then had a three-hour car journey back bouncing on the same point. Apart from the obvious the discomfort has invaded other parts of my body so my usual mobility is much more restrained. Even writing this newsletter has become more of a challenge, still it has given me something to write about for a starter. So here we go.

Autumn is now well and truly here and the clocks go back on the 27th October.

On 22nd October the Rev David Jenkins helps us celebrate out Founders Day. The  Tuesday programme for the next five weeks is as follows:

8th Oct              Bert Randall gets our feet tapping.

15th Oct            Colin Ferguson talks about his book – Behind the Crime

22nd Oct           Founder’s day with David Jenkins at the piano

29th Oct            Richard Poad – ladies who flew the Spitfires

5th Nov.            Jaye Windmill on the Emergence of England

All the bookings for turkey and tinsel have had to be in now. We will probably run this at a loss because our minimum target has no longer been met. It was a choice between this and scrapping the time altogether.

It is unlikely that we will do this again.

Meanwhile the  bookings for the May holiday in Cliftonville are looking positive and Gloria is taking bookings now,

Many thanks to those of you who turned out to help at the Broad Street Mall on the 30th Sep. We got rid of over eighty leaflets and there was a lot of discussion with the people there.

I hope to back on my feet in time to tell you about ‘Behind the Crime’. In its own way it’s a unique tale of my journey from the security of the Bank of England into the chaotic world of criminal behaviour, and into the management of that world. Meet some of the people who made part of that journey with me. Yes I will be willing to sell some of the books at £8.00. They will make handy small books for Christmas.

I am afraid this is a fairly short newsletter. It gets longer if you write material as well but just sitting down is rather uncomfortable.

My Best wishes to you all. Watch out for the broomsticks and bangers at the end of the month                  Colin

If you want to know more about  Firtree, contact Colin Ferguson ( or Liz Prior on 0118 942 2958


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