(Friends in retirement taking relaxation, exercise and education)

 September 2017                 Firtree Newsletter         Issue 465

 Welcome back from the August break. The songsters have been busy preparing for their concert this week and the bowlers have been dodging the rain.  The trip to Longleat was very well supported; however, our journey round the animals got caught up in a holiday queue and ended up taking so long that we were very restricted in what we could do afterwards except eat (we are always good at finding somewhere for that!). Our talk on the Great Exhibition of 1851 was well attended and quite fascinating. The whole structure was put up in seven months! From the money made the Science Museum, Albert Hall and the Victoria and Albert Museum were built and even now scholarships for scientific research are funded. So what hidden treasures do we have for the coming Tuesday mornings?

12th September  John Brierley takes on a journey around the Cotswold Villages

19th September   Life with the Alpaca – Mary Jones tells us about her alpaca farm

 26TH September Serenade return to treat us to their songs.

3rd October         to be confirmed

10th October       What goes on in the men’s shed – Tony tells all (maybe not ‘all’)

And don’t forget we are holding an Open Day on the 24th October, from 1.00 p.m. to 4.00 p.m.; the Mayor has been invited. It is open to all and free so if you know of anyone who might be interested bring them along. Soft drinks and cake will be around. If you can provide a cake do let either Liz Prior or Monica know so we can get some co-ordination! We will need a lot of you to help. Our songsters will be singing for us, movement to music will be giving a display and we might even have a chance to dance, play table tennis or help with your own favourite activity.

Before that there is the Reading Older Peoples open day at Rivermead on Monday 9th October from 1.00 to 4.00. Firtree songsters will be singing the event off at 1.00 and we will have a table with Firtree information that will need some volunteers. Again let Liz know if you can help. The event is free as well and has a very good range of information stalls.

Now is a very good time to join Firtree as membership is only £20.00 (up to April). Mark reminds me that if you pay any tax at all you can pay your Firtree subscription via Giftaid as we are a registered Charity (number 2818300). If you are already registered please let us know if you change your address or telephone number. Also remember that the old pound coins cease to be legal tender in October so make sure you spend them before then.

Bowls will still be at Prospect Park on Thursday mornings this month but the indoor season starts in October so we will be moving to Friday mornings at Rivermead. We have to join their over 50’s club (no problem there!) and there will be a charge each week. All are welcome.

Table tennis is in need of more members on Tuesday afternoons. Again we play to keep fit and for fun. The more we have playing the greater chance we have of sitting down and having a rest between games. The hardest exercise is picking the ball up!

There is a list up in the YMCA for the Garden Circle outing; as it is very soon, have a word with Gloria. Next month the outing is to Child Beale. Again there will be a list up so that transport can be arranged on the 9th October.

If you have not paid Gloria for the holiday she needs it today!!!! Grovelling may gain you a week but not much else. Ideas for next May are on the list. At present Tenby seems to be favoured.

Dare I use the C word?  It is only three months away. We are not having a Firtree Dinner until next year (January) when you might be feeling hungry again. Why not have a small gathering of your activity as the Garden Circle does. If you have a good idea for us to get together as a club do let any of the committee know.

Do you know that the local health service monitoring groups are amalgamating so that they can provide a more co-ordinated response and save on the cost? I seem to remember that was the idea years ago. One thing that seems quite promising is that the 111 number is going to be more able to refer you to the right place and to give you advice on the telephone. Check in your doctor’s surgery for further information.

Just a few quotes about marriage and old age:-

I’ve been married for so long I am on my third bottle of tabasco.

My parents have been together forever, they’ve passed their silver and gold anniversaries. The next one is rust.

The best way to get a husband to do something is to suggest he is too old to do it.

Finally, Carol Channing, the actress at 82, write a book about her early years and remembered her childhood sweetheart Harry Kullijian. Harry at 83 read the book and got in touch with her. They married six months later.

If you want to know more about Firtree, contact Colin Ferguson ( or Mark Bowman (0118 967 7130)


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