READING RETIREMENT CENTRE    (registered charity No. 281830)

Firtree Newsletter                 Winter 2022                           Issue 524

FIRTREE at 50+

We shall continue meeting at the Grange until at least the end of January 2023.

10th January         Games day

17th January         Mark’s quiz

24th January         Games day

31st January         Bert plays his accordion

I hardly need to tell you that we are in a “severe weather warning” time and you should take extra care when you are going out. There is, however, a beautiful full moon at present, though I think even that has a frosty coating. I sometimes wonder how we managed when I was a child with only one log fire to heat the whole house and the pump (which was our water supply) frozen up. We just boiled up the ice and wore as many clothes as we could get on.

Snow was welcome as it was easier to get than the ice. Not many of us would want to go back to those days, but this is what the people of Ukraine are having to do as the Russian rockets have destroyed their power supplies.

But – Christmas is here again and we wish you all whatever you need for a merry Christmas and a very happy New Year.

The questionnaire that Mark sent round recently showed a considerable majority in favour of returning to the Chapel. We are very grateful to Grange Church for accommodating us, but the car park at the Chapel is much better and (for most people) access by bus is much easier.

Thanks again to Gloria and Jenny for the Turkey and Tinsel holiday at Torquay. Apart from making the arrangements for the trip, Gloria provided one-man-band entertainment in the evenings. We won’t talk about the wind!! Thanks also to Monica for organising a very successful meal at the Southcote Beefeater.

Information about this newsletter contact Colin Ferguson – or 0118 9482557.

If you want to know more about Firtree contact Mark Bowman or 0118 9677130
or Liz Prior (Membership Secretary) – 0118 9422958

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