READING RETIREMENT CENTRE    (registered charity No. 281830)

Firtree Newsletter                March 2023                    Issue 526


(Friends in retirement taking relaxation, exercise and education)

Our move back to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is confirmed for Tuesday 7th March.

Tuesday 7th March       Games and social day

Tuesday 14th March      A trip to Santiago de Compostela:  The Pilgrim Way                                         Led by Colin helped by Bruce

Tuesday 21st March      Games and social day

Tuesday 28th March      Mark presents a collection of film and TV clips

Tuesday 4th April           The Firtree Easter Service led by The Rev. David Jenkins
(I shall be looking for a few volunteers to do readings.)

Tuesday 11th April NO MEETING (Easter break)

Welcome to Firtree 2023 – we are on the move again. We leave Grange United Reformed Church with many thanks to the community there for coming to our rescue and for their friendly support over a period of 17 months. Without their help it is doubtful that we would still be in existence.

We return to the “Mormon chapel” with greatly depleted numbers compared with before the Covid pandemic. The car park is spacious (spaces for 90 cars!), the building is large, and the toilets are plentiful. We also gain not only a far better auditorium, but also a bigger screen and a baby grand piano.

However, we shall have to do much more work to set up each day and to put things away.

There is a good kitchen, but we are not permitted to serve coffee or tea. Herbal and fruit teas are fine, as, of course, is drinking chocolate.

Monica is looking to organise an outing to the theatre but would find it useful if anyone has any ideas.

A poem to challenge us!!

Chattering and saying little

Careless of the words we use,

Never listening to others

And too full of our own views.

People’s worries, pain and trouble,

Are not what we want to hear,

So obsessed with our own problems

And the little things we fear.

Staying silent when injustice

Calls on us to make a choice,

Silent when our love is needed,

Silent when we should give voice.

Often, we are rash and angry,

Words that hurt and might demean;

Those who look to us for succour

Find our words are cruel and mean.

Turn us from our idle chatter,

Let us hear what people say,

Talk about the things that matter,

Pray as you would have us pray

Give us courage to speak justly

Let us freely talk of you,

Let our words be kind and joyful,

Praise you with a love that’s true.   

Lord of hearing, love, compassion,

Turn our thoughts to what you’d say

For information about this newsletter, contact Colin Ferguson – or 0118 9482557.

If you want to know more about Firtree, contact Mark Bowman or 0118 9677130
or Liz Prior (Membership Secretary) – 0118 9422958

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