READING RETIREMENT CENTRE    (registered charity No. 281830)

Firtree Newsletter                Spring 2023                   Issue 527


(Friends in retirement taking relaxation, exercise and education)

Tuesday 4th April           Easter Service

Tuesday 11th April         NO MEETING (Easter break)

Tuesday 18th April         Games and social day

Tuesday 25th April         Mark’s Quiz (to be confirmed*)

Tuesday 2nd May           Amanda Shora, folk singer

Tuesday 9th May           Games and social day

Tuesday 16th May         Mark’s Film Fun (to be confirmed*)

Tuesday 23rd May         ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING

Tuesday 30th May         Games and social day

*Note from Mark: Until Richard and I can solve the audio feedback problems in the chapel (associated with the use of radio microphones and sound from laptops), we cannot be sure that either the Quiz or Film Fun can go ahead.

Garden Circle: On Monday 13th March, we had a very nice time at Carluccio’s Italian restaurant, near Forbury Gardens.There will be no meeting on Monday 10th April. On Monday 8th May (the special Bank Holiday for the Coronation) there will be a visit to the British Garden Centre at Thatcham. Meet at the YMCA at 1:30pm.

Well here we are! Back in the chapel and getting used to the wide-open spaces again. I must say how well served we have been by the committee and how smoothly our move back has been done, though I am sure there has been much paddling under the surface.

Things change though, and with only about sixty members it is difficult to organise holidays and outings, both of which depend on us having sufficient numbers to cover costs. Gloria and Jenny have done a great job so far, but even they cannot perform miracles.

On 14th February, Nick Brazil, one of our favourite speakers, fell at the Grange and fractured his hip. I am glad to say he is on the mend. The swift arrival of the ambulance crew was welcome and showed how valuable they are in situations that are outside our normal expertise, though Annie’s help was much appreciated.

For Information about this newsletter contact Colin Ferguson           or 0118 9482557

If you want to know more about FIRTREE, contact Mark Bowman or on 0118 9677130

or Liz Prior (membership secretary) – 0118 0422958

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